Apple iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case torn down via x-ray

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The newest lineup of Apple’s iPhone Smart Battery Cases launched last week and offer a dedicated camera button in the case so you can quickly fire up the iPhone 11’s camera. The folks over at iFixIt did some digging to find out exactly how the Battery Case is wired so rather than physically and manually taking it apart, they found x-ray (thanks to Creative Electron) to reveal just as much.

The x-ray images reveal two smaller batteries, and the wireless charging coil, all connected to a circuit board at the bottom of the case.

via Creative Electronvia Creative Electron

Then there’s the dedicated camera button, a new addition to this year’s Smart Battery Cases. The button is concave enough to prevent accidental presses or confuse it for the power key.

via Creative Electronvia Creative Electron

The x-ray images show how the extra button was added to the case. It is connected to the circuit board directly with a flexible cable. The signal is then passed to the connected phone via the lightning connection.


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