Apple iPad Pro to come with 3D-sensing camera module

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There’s not much info surrounding the upcoming iPad Pro but the latest rumor coming from a reputable source has some exciting insight regarding Apple’s next flagship tablet. According to the report, Apple will focus on delivering advanced AR capabilities with the next-generation iPad Pro.

iPad Pro to come with 3D-sensing camera module

To do so, the back of the tablet will feature one standard camera and an additional 3D sensor for mapping objects. people and whole rooms. It will help reconstruct them in a virtual 3D environment. The system is said to be more advanced than the current Face ID technology on iPhones and it has been talked about in the media for some time now.

The report also says that we should expect the next iPad Pro to come in early 2020 so not too long left. The information also aligns with an earlier report suggesting that next year’s iPhone 12 will feature the same tech.


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