Apple Inks Deal for ‘Visible: Out on Television’ Docuseries

Apple has signed a deal for a new docuseries called “Visible: Out on Television,” which is executive produced by Wanda Sykes, reports Variety.

The series, created by filmmakers Ryan White and Jessica Hargrave, features five episodes that look into the “importance of TV as an intimate medium that has shaped the American conscience, and how the LGBTQ movement has shaped television.”

The hour long episodes will explore themes that include invisibility, homophobia, the evolution of LGBTQ characters, and coming out in the TV industry.

It is said to combine archival footage with “key players from the movement,” and it is narrated by Janet Mock, Margaret Cho, Asia Kate Dillon, Neil Patrick Harris, and Lena Waithe. Interviews with Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Anderson Cooper, and more will be included.

“Visible: Out on Television” is set to debut on Apple TV+ on February 14, 2020.

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