Apple Employee in Culver City, California Has Coronavirus

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An Apple employee who works at Apple’s Culver City campus, where its Apple TV+ and Apple Music efforts are headquartered, has tested positive for coronavirus, reports Billboard.

Employees at the Culver City office were notified about the infection on Saturday, but as of today, the campus remains open.

Apple has asked all of its employees with positions that allow them to work from home to do so in an effort to cut down on the spread of the coronavirus, but there are some employees who are not able to work remotely.

A recent report suggested that Apple’s guidelines around product secrecy have made it difficult for some software developers working on sensitive products to bring their work home, as they are prevented from accessing important internal systems outside of Apple’s campus.

This has led to many engineers continuing their work at Apple’s campuses, and there are likely other employees in similar situations at other Apple campuses and offices worldwide, such as the Culver City location.

Culver City is known as a headquarters for movie and television production, and many major studios are located in the area. Apple’s video content team works out of its Culver City offices, as does its ‌Apple Music‌ team.

Last week, an Apple employee who worked at a Santa Monica Apple Store contracted coronavirus, and Apple has since shut down all of its retail locations for the next two weeks.

News today also suggests that Apple CEO Tim Cook and iTunes chief Eddy Cue may have been exposed to coronavirus as Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge has been hospitalized after falling ill with the infection. Cook and Cue attended a birthday party for Grainge on February 29, but it’s not clear if Grainge had the coronavirus at that time.

Since the virus takes two to 14 days on average to infect after exposure, Cook and Cue are likely safe if no symptoms have appeared at this point, though there are reports of a few outlying incubation times that exceed two weeks.

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