Apple could follow Amazon Echo Loop after patent uncovers new smart ring details

Apple could be set to introduce a new line to its already-dominant wearables market, with a newly uncovered patent suggesting the development of a smart ring.


Uncovered by Patently Apple, the filing is a continuation of older patents granted earlier this year, as well as back in 2015, in which Apple details a smart ring – one that is able to interact with other devices.

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Such a smart ring would, of course, follow the first major development for the space from an established company, after Amazon launched its Echo Loop back in October.


However, while a potential Apple smart ring would offer likely some similar functionality to the Echo Loop – such as being able to control smart home devices through voice commands – it would, as described in previous patents, essentially act as a smaller Apple Watch.

Apple could be developing its own smart ring -

By harnessing components such as an internal processor, wireless transceiver, a microphone and haptics, the ‘Wearable Electronic Ring Computing Device’ – as Apple names it in the recent patent – would be able to track daily activity, listen to and provide feedback on commands and more.


However, as ever with patents, it’s important to point out that this is all largely speculative. Though Apple may have jotted down some potential plans for the future, these are also just part of thousands of filings from the company.

It’s not completely unlikely Apple will eventually release a smart ring, though, at present, it doesn’t feel like the kind of move that Apple needs to make. With nothing concrete besides patents, either, we wouldn’t count on anything releasing over the next couple of years, at least. Sorry, jewelry fans.

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