Apple completes $200m investment into Japan Display

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Apple has finalized a $200m investment into Japan Display that would be used to buy equipment.

Up until now, Japan Display had collected $1.5b as a loan from Apple and paid off around $700m, leaving $800m to be paid. Adding to those the current $200m investment and Japan Display is back to a billion USD in debt to Apple.

With Apple’s $200m investment used as reassurance, Japan Display has managed to secure another $830m as an investment from an asset manager.
Apple sinks $200m into Japan Display, for equipment purchase
JDI has been one of Apple’s LCD makers and has been tasked with supplying Apple with OLEDs for the Apple Watch.

Apple has poured money into JDI to help it build up the facilities and enable larger OLED production to go into iPhones, but that hasn’t materialized just yet.

Instead Apple has gone to Samsung as the main supplier for its OLED panels and LG as second supplier (and looking into BOE as a possible replacement for LG).


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