Apple CEO Tim Cook Joins Malala Yousafzai to Discuss Education at SJSU

Apple CEO Tim Cook today visited San Jose State University near the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California where he sat down with Malala Yousafzai and SJSU president Mary Papazian to discuss education and the empowerment of women at the university.

Apple in January 2018 announced a partnership with the Malala Fund to support the Malala Fund’s work championing a quality education for girls all around the world, and the two companies have worked together since then. Cook is on the Malala Fund leadership council, and he tweeted about the meeting this afternoon.

According to SJSU newspaper The Spartan Daily, Cook spoke about familiar topics that include the importance of an early coding education and privacy.

“We’ve tried to focus on teaching coding skills to everyone,” said Cook. Everyone should learn to code before they graduate.”

Cook said that it’s important to introduce collaboration into the classroom as early as possible.

“The earlier you introduce collaboration into the classroom and the teacher becomes the coach and tech is used as a tool, not a means to itself, I see great results in boys and girls.”

Malala also spoke about the work the Malala Fund is doing around the world, sharing her thoughts on the future of the Malala Fund. “Technology is changing at a very fast pace, we need to change our education for that,” she said. “We have taken it for granted that education isn’t possible in some places like refugee camps, but technology can change that.”

Through Apple’s support, the Malala Fund has aimed to double the number of grants awarded to its Gulmakai Network and extend funding programs to India and Latin America, bringing secondary education opportunities to more than 100,000 girls. Malala said that over the next five years, she hopes the Malala Fund will spread to 10 new countries.

“There are 1 billion girls not ready to enter the workforce because its not a quality education or they’re not in school at all,” she said.

The Malala Fund also works with Apple’s Developer Academies in Brazil, and Apple is helping the Malala Fund scale its organization by assisting with technology, curriculum, and research into the policy changes needed everywhere to allow girls attend school and complete their education.

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