Apple Card holders get 24-month financing on iPhones with no interest

The Apple Card is a credit card issued by Goldman Sachs in the US and offers cardholders an integrated experience with their iPhone’s Apple Pay app. It comes with a numberless physical card and 3% cashback on Apple Store, T-Mobile, Uber, and Walgreens/Duane Reade purchases.

The latest addition to the Apple Card’s list of perks is interest-free purchases on new iPhones. The news was announced during Apple’s last earnings call. Users can opt for 24-month financing on any iPhone from the Apple Store with no interest.

Apple Card holders get 24-month financing on iPhones with no interest

Of course, Apple already offers the same thing via its Upgrade Program, but we wonder if Apple Card holders would still qualify for the 3% cashback, effectively giving a 3% discount on the total cost of a new iPhone.

If one could combine both the convenience of paying off a large purchase over time with no interest and 3% cashback, it would make an enticing deal to Apply for the Apple Card. If not, you can still Apply for Apple’s Upgrade Program and there would be no real reason to get a glorified cashback credit card – unless that’s what you want.

Apple Pay is currently the most preferred mobile payment app in the US since it overtook Starbucks with an estimated 30.3% market share. The platform is currently available in over 40 countries worldwide.


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