Apex Legends Mobile beta to roll out for gamers in India and Philippines

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Apex Legends Mobile breaks into action for the first time for both Android and iOS gamers. The title was first released a couple of years ago as cross-platform battle royale. The battle royale arena is pretty vacant especially in India, where the otherwise famous PUBG was banned by the government citing national security as a reason. As a result, the Apex Legends developers have announced that the mobile version of their game is coming to smartphones to fill the void and to bring the PC and console-level experience to mobile.

The first beta testing of the game – designed especially for the “touchscreen devices with streamlined controls and thoughtful optimizations” – is slated to roll out for select thousand players in India and the Philippines later this month. With closed beta rollout in place, it is only a matter of time before the game is available for all enthusiasts.

It’s pertinent to note that the Apex Legends Mobile closed beta will be available for Android users in India and the Philippines to start with. iOS support is going to be added when the game is made available in more regions.

Apex Legends Mobile is a “new version, but true to the original,” which is why it is expected to bring the most advanced battle royale combat to the small screen. Philippines and India have a huge fan base for mobile shooter games, this is evident from the immense popularity of the games such as PUBG in these countries.

With the introduction of Apex Legends Mobile, developers would be gunning for almost a similar kind of response. From how we see it now, there is not much difference in the gameplay from the PC version; how effective will the controls be and how well gamers will adapt to the choice at hand is something we’ll get to know in a few months from now. Until then, stay glued here for information on all the developments regarding the game.

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