Anthem joins EA Access

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Anthem hasn’t had the easiest time lately. The game launched in a somewhat broken state and even its latest Cataclysm event hasn’t been well-received by gamers. Despite that, it remains an enjoyable game for a dozen hours or so.

Recently, Ben Irving, the lead producer of the game, announced that he was leaving BioWare. The news was revealed by Irving on Twitter. He wrote that “After eight amazing years at BioWare I have made the decision to move on and have accepted an exciting opportunity at another gaming company.”

If you’ve always wanted to try Anthem but didn’t want to purchase a copy, you can now do so through EA Access. EA Access is a monthly subscription service that costs $5 a month on Xbox One. It also gives you discounts on EA games and other perks like early-access trials.

Hopefully, Anthem will become a compelling experience down the line. Recently, BioWare’s Casey Hudson said that improving Anthem was going to take time. Intriguing content isn’t easy to create. Let’s hope that when new missions and other changes show up, they bring players back.

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