#AndroidHelp lets you ask troubleshooting questions on Twitter

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Normally, when you are having trouble with your Android smartphone, you will go through the Google Support forums to ask help for your issues or you search for a thread that talks about the problem you’re facing. It can be time-consuming and frustrating to go through that process. Now Google is offering you a sort of easier way to ask for help: Twitter. You can now just go ahead and tweet about your Android-related issue and use the hashtag #AndroidHelp.

The official Android Twitter account posted that if you have any questions related to Android, they are always “here to help”. All you have to do is tweet your problem or issue that would require their technical assistance and add the hashtag #AndroidHelp. You don’t even have to @ their Twitter account for them to see you supposedly. Google or maybe a bot will be searching through the hashtagged tweets to give help.

Unfortunately, even if there are now thousands of tweets about this, it seems like Google has not responded, at least according to 9 to 5 Google. Granted, most of the questions weren’t really about troubleshooting or technical problems. A lot of Android users took this to mean they can ask Google when the Android 10 update will be rolling out to their phone. That kind of question may not be what Google is looking for.

So what it is you can actually ask? The AndroidOSSupport account posted on reddit that you can get help on the following things:
* General troubleshooting
* Identity and Authentication
* Accessibility
* Security
* And many other Android features
This is probably the reason why a lot of the inquiries being posted have not been responded to by Android.

It’s still too early to see if this #AndroidHelp will be truly helpful. In the meantime, you could always just refer to the Google Support Pages where a lot of questions have already been previously discussed.

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