Android shares some features to help you work faster and smarter

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Sometimes what we need are not just features that would make our life more convenient but also enable us to work faster and smarter on our mobile devices. Google has made a blog post about all the ways that we can work with some of the smart features that they recently introduced. These communication tools and time-saving tricks can help us increase productivity so that we can do other things aside from always being glued to our devices for work.

Click to Call is one of the newest features that can help you navigate calls from your computer to your phone. When there’s a number from your Chrome browser that you need to call on your smartphone, just right click on the number and then choose your Android device from the menu. Your phone will receive a push notification and all you have to do is tap on that notification and then the dial button to start the call. You need to be signed in to your Google account to sync on both devices.

Smart Reply has been around for Android 10 devices and simply put, it will give you a recommended action based on the content of that message. If you receive the address of a client meeting, it will recommend finding the address on Google Maps. If you receive a link to a document on your chat app like Hangouts, you will be able to open it directly on Google Docs if you want to start editing or just reading.

Live Transcribe and Live Caption are two features that can help you keep up with conversations, presentations, and meetings. Live Transcribe is able to generate captions for your audio in real time. You are also able to save the transcription of a conversation for up to 3 days. It is part of the accesibility suite and can help hearing impaired people from still following conversations. It’s also helpful for those who need a copy of business meetings to help non-native speakers catch up.

Lastly, Live Caption will be able to automatically caption in real time any media that is playing on your device. Again, it will help hearing impaired people to follow a presentation or webinar but can also be used for when you cannot listen to the audio and you have to mute it because you have no earphones or headphones. It is now available on Pixel 3, 3a, and 4 devices that are already running Android 10.

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