Android-powered Nokia feature phone may be unveiled next month

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Smartphones are getting smarter each year and for some, every few months. As for feature phones, well, they’re also becoming smarter. But what’s a feature phone you ask? For those born in the 21st century, it’s a brick phone that requires you tap each number several times to type a specific letter. Many people may have only started with touch phones but for some of us oldies (ehem), we started with those kinds of phones. They’re being resurrected these days but for good reasons– fewer distractions and maybe as a way to curb your phone addiction.

After the Alcatel GO FLIP 3 and Alcatel SMARTFLIP clamshell phones, here’s a Nokia feature phone that may be powered by Android. Alcatel’s feature phones run KaiOS but they come with Google services. This means standard Google apps like Google Maps, YouTube, and even the Google Assistant work on the devices.

As for this mystery Nokia phone, the device shows Android powers including the Google Assistant. Details are scarce but the demo video shows the ability to change the speaking language. We see common apps like the Google Assistant, Chrome, and Google Maps.

Under the settings, we see the version of Android which is 8.1. We can also see a Facebook app icon on the top part of the screen and YouTube at the bottom.

This Nokia feature phone with Android and Google Assistant is said to be introduced together with the new Pixel 4 series. The Pixel Event is happening on October 15 so let’s just wait and see. And oh, who’s thinking of getting one?

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