Android Flash Tool introduced by Google dev team

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Google Android Flash Tool

Google and the Android team definitely want to make our lives easier. A new tool for Android has just been introduced that will help devs to install Android builds on different mobile devices. Officially called as the Android Flash Tool, this program lets anyone flash Android onto some of the latest Pixel smartphones, as well as, Android development devices. It requires a lot of storage though. You must have at least 10GB of free memory on your computer for it to work.

The Android Flash Tool doesn’t work though on Chrome OS devices and Android tablets. We’d like to think at least not yet as Google devs could be working on support for such devices.

Installing a new Android build on your phone is very easy. In three simple steps, you can enjoy a new Android version unlike before. First, connect a mobile device via USB cable to a computer. Select the software you want to install on the device and then quickly install the software.

This thing enables anyone to flash builds from the AOSP too. The Android Open Source Project is usually easy to understand if you’re a developer. If you’ve only started with development, it may be complicated as installing Android is done with several manual steps.

Google continues to improve the process. Just last year, the development team introduced Android’s Continuous Integration Dashboard. This one offers improved “visibility into the continuous build status of the AOSP source tree”. It wasn’t ready for mobile devices then and so the Android Flash Tool comes in.

Android Flash Tool simply lets devs flash phones with builds that can be presently found in the Continuous Integration Dashboard. This also means they can test compatibility or changes quickly with the latest version of Android as an AOSP build.

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