Android Enterprise Essentials ready for smaller business, brands

The Android team has something new for the community. The Android Enterprise Essentials is a secure mobile management service that has been introduced to further improve on the mobile security of the Android system used by businesses. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small. You need to work on your system’s security because there is always the risk. You don’t even have to spend a lot especially now with Android Enterprise. Your company data can be protected as long as you have the right partner.

Mobile security is important. You need to invest but you don’t have to spend a lot. Android Enterprise Essentials can be an answer. It’s the right set of tools for businesses with not so complicated needs and small budgets.

Android Enterprise Essentials is secure. It is easy to use. The management service is a result of the Android team’s previous work on security tools and device management. With the experience, the team was able to come up with a new service that offers functionality and features that are safe and secured.

Android Enterprise Essentials comes with a feature that enforces mandatory malware protection. This ensures Google Play Protect is always on. This refrains employees from downloading mobile apps outside of the Play Store. The service requires a lock screen and encryption on mobile devices to prevent unauthorized access to data. The management service also offers an option to wipe company data from a device just in case the phone is stolen or is lost.

Enterprise Strategy Group’s Mark Bowker said: “Businesses are increasingly telling us their top considerations for investment are security and increased user productivity. During ESG’s validation of Android Enterprise Essentials, it became quickly evident that the simple management capabilities and seamless employee experience provide confidence in security for businesses and a safer work environment for employees.”

Larger brands and companies can also take advantage of Android Enterprise Essentials because of the core protections available. It can better protect the data of bigger organizations and brands–to be sure.

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