Android Enterprise Essentials offers simple device management

Android Enterprise Essentials Update

Android Enterprise Essentials has been ready since last year. But even before its launch, the Android developers have been committed to improve on Android for businesses. Android Enterprise Essentials is available for companies or shops that need to manage devices for their employees. It starts with securely enrolling mobile devices officially used for work. This Android service offers mobility, effortless management, and strong security for owners and employees. It allows protection of company data as part of right device management.

Device management may be challenging but not with Android Enterprise Essentials. It is easy so timely delivery and strong customer service are guaranteed not only for big brands but also for small or family-owned business.

From paper to digital, Android Enterprise Essentials offers a good start. It can offer ordering and delivery confirmation processes. It also includes management of devices used for work so the whole company data are synced employees are always up-to-date.

Android Enterprise Essentials allows owners or IT administrators to setup mobile devices. Setup may include security policies, PIN code to unlock, and malware protection. Access to business apps is also provided while customer data security is guaranteed.

Essentialsoffers simple management tools and security features to business Android devices. The Android team has shared how S. Morris Ltd. takes advantage of the system. Someone from the company generously shared how Android Enterprise Essentials has helped them. The system isn’t an overly complex solution which means it is easy to understand, navigate and control.

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