Android 12’s game dashboard will give gamers extended controls

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We already homed in on the instant playable games on the Play Store even before they get downloaded. Now it is time to zoom in on more of Android 12’s game dashboard features that look to be inspired by the Samsung Game Launcher and Game Tools. Yes, Google’s version of the game dashboard will come with similar options like screen recording/capturing, performance monitoring, adjusting the phone performance for gaming and live streaming.

The game dashboard (a.k.a. game mode) is not yet fully enabled in beta, but it is expected to add more features during the next few weeks. For now, the features we know of are the easy utilities to perform screen capture, record the gameplay instantly without the need for third-party apps, adjusting the brightness control, YouTube livestreaming and do-not-disturb toggle option.

Then there is going to be the game optimization options we already talked about. These include the battery saver option in which the frame rate will be lowered and graphics quality will also be toggled. On the flip side, in the performance mode, frame rates will be increased to maximum and the graphics quality will also get a boost.

All this is on the platter for developers to fine-tune their games for the final build release of Android 12 by the end of this year. Google is giving them the tools like the Game Mode API’s to get the maximum out of the new game dashboard for the best user experience and battery optimization.

It is highly likely that the Pixel devices and other top-notch flagships from major OEMs like Samsung and OnePlus will get the game mode earlier than others. Eventually, the feature is destined to trickle down to all phones in the next year or so, meaning mobile gamers will be already looking to explore the freshness of Android 12.

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