Android 11 to use default cams, third-party cameras in danger

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Android 11 is the latest version of the popular mobile OS. It’s not widely available yet many people are anticipating its release. The Final Beta is ready for most Pixel phones and some Android devices. Before the public build rolls out, we can expect the Android team to announce what the new Android can do and offer. We’ve listed numerous features and enhancements including the integration of autofill for passwords to your keyboard, Nearby Share, Tap Tap, and seamless updatability for better user experience.

Android 11 offers plenty of new privacy and security improvements plus new ways to communicate and control devices. Android 11 also makes it challenging to install non-Google Play apps but gets a Quick Settings music player and new Notification. We’re just learning Android 11 is removing the ability of users to choose third-party camera apps to capture photos or videos. This means phone users will be forced to utilized the default camera app.

Android has the Intent system that lets a developer create a request that will prompt users to choose from a list of installed camera apps. Bad news, Android 11 is making changes as the pre-installed camera app will now be the default. This means other camera apps will not show as possible choices. This is very much different from the past years the Android has allowed customization and choice for users.

The pre-installed camera app on the device will have to respond to different intent actions. You can only choose if there are two or more pre-installed system camera apps.

Google has confirmed this Android 11 change in the Issue Tracker. The change has something to do with security and privacy. App developers are also refrained from providing their own interface. This particular change in behavior will come with Android 11. It may be experienced in the Android 11 beta release so don’t be surprised.

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