Android 11 problem breaks multitasking, recent apps screen

Android 11 Multitasking Recent Apps Screen

Several devices from different OEMs have already received Android 11 like the Asus ZenFone 7 series, ZenFone 6, and others from Realme, Xiaomi, and OPPO. Most of them are just in beta mode but we can expect the public version will be ready soon. We know Android 11 will bring a number of gamepad support and other features for Android TV. It can also improve lock screen and authentication methods for better security, more user-centric upgrades, 117 new emojis, and major design changes.

There are exclusive Android 11 features for Pixel phones but we’d like to focus on the general ones first. Some notable enhancements we’ve mentioned include tools for instant sharing of content, machine learning for better AI tools, and better privacy and security of sensitive user data.

Android 11 also offers better compatibility and flexible developer tools. Google also brings improved app reviews and ratings with Android 11. There are plenty of new features and enhancements. Unfortunately, like most releases, it’s not perfect yet. Some issues have been pointed out like the recent apps screen messing up on Android 11’s final version.

Apparently, such a problem appears on Pixel devices. A simple locking-unlocking the phone has fixed it for most unit owners. Others had it fixed only after a reboot. Some users reported their screens completely freezing.

Mainly, there is a bug that must be fixed. It appears like a basic problem that the Android team should have seen but then again, no new mobile OS is always perfect. Issues will arise so let’s hope the Android dev team sends out a fix soon. You may want to check out the Android Issue Tracker page for more related information and update.

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