Android 11 is making Android Auto edgy, users report issues

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In spite of various beta releases and testing, the final version of Android 11 is slightly buggy with Android Auto. Users on Google Forum and other platforms like Reddit are reporting bugs in Android Auto after updating their devices to the new operating system from Google. Users’ claim of audio getting cut off and apps like YouTube and Spotify becoming unresponsive, in addition to not being able to make calls via the car stereo.

People are facing connectivity issues, not getting sound on notifications, and also noticing absence of the Calendar app. Android Police reports at least two instances have occurred where Android Auto has soft bricked handsets like Pixel 3 XL (in one case), compelling users to factory reset or reboot the phones.

This may not be the preferable time to upgrade to Android 11 if you use the Android Auto prominently. You may want to wait a little longer on the old operating system. If you already have updated to enjoy the wireless fun but finding it buggy now – a user on Google Support has mentioned that disabling wireless Android Auto has helped with Spotify being stable and not cutting off constantly. Though another user mentions having tried a new USB cable and also disabling wireless Android Auto but the issues persisted.

A couple of Reddit users in a workaround for the issues suggest that disabling Bluetooth device scanning can help in certain cases. Google, on the other hand, has not mentioned anything about the other issues but has acknowledged the absence of the Calendar app for some users, which reportedly should be updated with the Android Auto 5.6 app.

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