Android 11 has some Do Not Disturb issues

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Android 11 Do No Disturb DND

Android 11 may be heaven-sent to most Android users but it’s not exactly perfect. Of course, there is not one mobile OS or platform that is perfect even after numerous updates. A new bug will always show up after another. As for the latest Android version, the Do Not Disturb (DND) doesn’t function properly now as it should. Apparently, the new OS silences calls even from starred contacts. This problem is bothersome and actually has several solutions that can be done on your own without any software update.

This bug isn’t the first time we hear happening as a result of Android 11 update. There is also Google Photos being messed up by Android 11’s scoped storage. After the latest Android 11 update, some Pixel phone owners have reported their units don’t ring even for important contacts. So the DND mode doesn’t work properly. It doesn’t inform the device owner if there is a missed or incoming call.

Those that setup DND on Android 10 discovered it doesn’t work on Android 11. It sounds like a simple problem but one report noted an elderly person failed to contact someone during an emergency. Now that’s unfortunate and something that could have been prevented if only the feature has worked properly.

An October security patch has been released but the problem is still there according to some users. Google has not released an official fix or update but three solutions (workarounds) have been shared by our source. Check that all notifications sounds aren’t turned off. Check the volume rocker menu to be sure. Click the volume up/down and see if the bell icon appears on the screen in the menu above. You may also allow repeat callers. Go to Sound> Do Not Disturb> People> Calls.

You can also tweak Phone notifications. Launch the Phone app info, proceed to Notifications> Incoming Calls> Override Do Not Disturb. You may also do a ‘factory reset but then again this may be difficult if you’ve already setup your phone. If you wish to do this, make sure you have backup of your data.

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