Android 11 Go edition receives easier switching to guest mode

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Android Go Guest Mode Switching

We have not heard anything new about Android Go but this simpler edition of Android is getting new features and enhancements. The version of Android OS for more affordable smartphones is lite and has been optimized to provide an easy and smoother user experience. It Is mainly for phones that come with less than 2GB of RAM. You may not be able to do extreme gaming but it comes with a basic suite of Google apps you need for everyday use.

Android Go may be basic but Google still works on its security and privacy features. Those areas are still significant. If you may remember, Android 11 Go was introduced with the same protections as the main Android 11 OS. The same protections are available on the Android Go edition.

Android 11 Go received the same auto-reset permissions and one-time permission for apps that use microphone and camera. This time, Android Go can also take advantage of switching to guest mode easily.

Over at the Google I/O 2021 held over two weeks ago, a Google executive introduced the easier switching to guest mode on Android Go. This means you can simply turn on the guest mode from an invisible button on the lockscreen. No need to pull down the notification shade to change the settings.

When you click on the invisible button, you will see a guest mode icon while on the lockscreen. It’s usually in the upper right portion. Click on it and the profile picker menu will show.

The addition of this feature is a result of the fact most users also shared their devices with family and friends. The new feature allows mobile consumers to “feel protected when they share their devices” as shared by Erik Wolsheimer.

It’s available now on Android 11 Go Edition. We’re not sure if this will be ready on previous Go version.

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