Android 11 for Android TV brings gamepad support, other features

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Google has officially announced Android 11 support for Android TV platform and this is exciting news. There are not going to be many changes as for the visual interface is concerned but the gaming-centric upgrades will matter to the most. This new development will surely bring more adoption for Android TV 11 as compared to Android 10 which lacked certain features that were important to the users. Google is rolling out Android 11 on Android TV for vendors, so get ready to experience a fresh wave of features in the coming months.

Most importantly, the new OS brings Auto Low Latency Mode which kicks-in when gaming apps are used. This will bring Nintendo Switch Pro Controller support, as well as USB support for Steam Controller. So, gamers will be licking their fingers already as this means a more unified gaming environment for a smoother experience.

The extended gamepad support also comes with the promise of “silent boot mode for system updates, inactive prompts, and OEM configurable wake keys.” So, more flexible control over the TV functions is a certainty. The OS will bring integrations for far-field microphone enabled devices courtesy the microphone mute buttons. Along with these features, the platform now gets enhanced memory management, performance improvements, and one-time permission privacy features.

The Google Stadia platform has also taken big strides in the last few months and that means good news for Android TVs. Google is expecting more app developers to jump-in and develop interesting apps and games for the platform. For developers, Google is making things far easier with the Android TV Emulator for testing apps.

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