Android 11 ends support for Google Daydream VR, software

No Google Daydream VR Android 11

Our last mention of Daydream was almost half a year ago. The Samsung Galaxy S9 on Android 10 stopped working with Daydream. It was somewhat expected since last year, the Google Daydream View project was no more and VR headset sales stopped. Even before that, other services like Hulu already stopped supporting Google Daydream VR. Google Play Movies & TV were no longer available. We haven’t heard anything related to Google in recent months until this weekend when a Daydream service update has been shared by the Google Daydream team.

Google announced that they are no longer supporting the Daydream VR software. The service can still be accessed but no more security or software updates will be developed or released. The support is finally ending with Android 11.

This is somehow expected since some devices stopped working with Android 10. With this, the system may not work correctly on some mobile devices on Android 11. Most apps can still work and may be available in the Play Store but don’t expect any updates to roll out. Functionality for those third-party apps or account information will not be lost as written on the Daydream Help page but don’t be surprised if some things may go wrong.

VR content can still be viewed on the Daydream View. This Daydream headset and controller will still work with the Daydream View headset as a compatible device. If you’re wondering, you can no longer buy the Daydream View headset from Google although you can still check other retailers.

Does ending support and sales mean Google is working on something new? We highly doubt this time. Google still believes in the power of VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality) but having a headset where you need to put your phone can be limiting.

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