Android 11 Dev Preview for Android TV available for download

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Android 11 Preview Android TV

In the past few months, the world has changed. We can’t say for better or worse because, despite the pandemic situation, the earth has been healing. No, we’re not discussing health and politics here but just one of the notable changes we’ve seen–increase in screen time. Definitely, most parts of the world have more people being glued to their screens whether their smartphones, computers, or TV. Summer is about to start in some countries so we can expect more people will be watching.

Smart TVs are also joined by smart displays and smart speakers. More people are streaming music and we’ve seen recent quarantine and summer trends on Spotify. Media streaming is getting more popular these days and the Android team recognizes the demands of the consumers.

Smart TVs can run on Android TV. The platform has grown into a reliable one since its official introduction in the year 2014. Today, more TVs are shipping with Android TV. The latter has been integrated with other systems, services, and gadgets.

Android TV is getting the Android 11 Developer Preview. It will bring new features to the smart TV platform concerning connectivity, accessibility, performance, and privacy. Only developers can take advantage of this because like any dev preview, this is for development purposes only.

If you are interested in Android TV development, check out Android 11 Developer Preview on TV HERE. Download. Set up the ADT-3 developer kit for Android TV and then enable Developer options. Run in the ADT-3 device to start manual system image installation.

If you’ve been working on an Android TV app, it’s ideal to test it Android 11 Developer Preview so you’ll know what needs to be improved further. Visit the Android 11 Developer Preview web page for more information.

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