Android 11 brings 117 new emojis, major design changes

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As Android 11 has officially started rolling out, even if it’s just for Pixel devices for now, one exciting thing will now be available to those running the latest version of the operating system: new emojis! There are a total of 117 brand new ones that will be arriving in their phones and hopefully soon your devices as well. This includes some of the most requested ones as well as emojis that we may never use. Plus, this also has some major updates to existing ones.

Emojipedia says that this new batch of emojis on Android 11, based on Unicode’s Emoji 13.0, is actually the biggest update since Android 8.0 back in 2017. Some of the changes actually involve bringing back a bit of the classic designs, as revealed back in July to celebrate World Emoji Day. The design change actually involves not just a few but revising all of the smiley, animal, and transportation emojis.

For the new emojis, we finally get the most requested ones like Smiling Face with Tear, Disguised Face, and Pinched Fingers. We also now get a Ninja which should please a lot of people. There are emojis wearing tuxedos, feeding a baby and there’s even an emoji with two abstracted people hugging. And for those who want their emojis more anatomical, you finally get the “correct” heart and a pair of lungs.

Some of the changes to existing emojis include “subtle shading” and also an outline medication for all people emojis. One of the most used emojis, the Grinning Face now has a new gradient and also positioning of its eyes and mouth. Some symbols with purple parts are now red like Star-Struck, Smiling Face with Hearts, etc. A lot of the smileys get both subtle and obvious improvements, most of them for the better.

Pixel devices are of course the devices that will support these new emojis natively for now. But we also might see other software like Messages and WhatsApp, which use the EmojiCompact Library, display them even if they are not yet at the system level.

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