Android 11 Beta OTA leaked before the official launch

Android 11 Beta Version OTA

It’s final. Google is postponing the ‘Android 11: The Beta Launch Show’. There is no new schedule set yet but we hope it will happen soon. The Google I/O 2020 was canceled and so we were looking forward to the Pixel 4a and Android 11’s official announcement. Any physical tech event isn’t allowed yet so the online launch was supposed to get Android fans excited. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good time to celebrate according to the Android Development team.

No reason was provided but there have been speculations. One reason could be the recent protests over George Floyd’s death. Some people are saying there are major bugs on Android 11 that Google couldn’t release it yet. There are also talks about the Pixel 4a being delayed. The Pixel 4a XL is already canceled so we’re thinking there’s something the tech giant isn’t telling us.

Of course, why would a big company tell the public everything? XDA Developers Android Forum’s editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) has something to say:

Rather than be super vague about this, I’ll just say it up front:
Two people DMed me saying they got the Android 11 beta OTA update on their Pixel 4 XL.
Build #: RPB1.200504.018

It’s not the reason but a pre-release version and it’s ready. It seems Google pushed this one by accident. Some Android phone units can have this early push so they have Android 11 Beta up and running even before the formal release.

Build RPB1.200504.018 is only 736MB. It was released on the same daw the June Android 10 security patch rolled out. Different sources informed Mishaal about the build. They also noted some interesting changes and new features.

Three new icon shapes have been identified. A new power menu preview screen is also available. The screen shows cards and passes plus device controls. Another notable change is the App suggestions setting for the home screen launcher. You may also notice a new development that can move media controls into the quick settings area.

Other changes include a new submenu for enabling Bubble notifications (Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications > Bubbles) and new options to control those app suggestions in the Pixel Launcher. Mishaal said scrolling screenshots are still not working on but ‘Media Resumption‘ is live in Beta 1 as a Developer Option. ‘Wi-Fi-enhanced MAC randomization‘ is also a new developer option. You may also notice new graphics to the TalkBack and Select to Speak Accessibility settings.

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