Android 11 Beta 2 now available, all about platform stability

Android 11 Beta 2

Android 11 Beta has finally rolled out last month which means newer versions will be released in the coming weeks until the public version is ready. The Android dev team has been busy working on the changes and adding new features, as well as, informing the consumers what Android 11 is all about. Catch that AMA session on Reddit later. If you already have the new OS, you can take advantage of some features like Bubbles on Messages, Device Controls, Conversations, Nearby Sharing, and privacy and security improvements.

After the Android 11 Beta 1.5, here comes Android 11 Beta 2 with platform stability enhancements. This release is a few changes closer to the official release slated for next quarter. Android 11 Beta 2 is ready for the Pixel 2, 3, 3a, and the Pixel 4. Check if over-the-air (OTA) updates are ready.

Beta 1 users will get Beta 2 automatically. Beta 2 is all about Platform Stability. It is mainly for developers who are preparing their apps for Android 11.

Note that Beta 2 brings the final SDK and NDK APIs plus final restrictions and system behaviors on non-SDK interfaces. These items allow compatibility updates. Feel free to update and test your apps as the platform is more stable now.

App compatibility is an important phase because it means the app is ready for more consumers. The fewer bugs and errors, the better. For devs, make sure user flows and features are working fine. Check if app runs properly.

Testing apps isn’t really that easy because, with every release of Android, several changes are made that affect other areas of each app. Every version of Android can cause changes that must be fixed. Processes are always improving to minimize the impact of behavior changes and make testing and debugging easier.

You may also notice restrictions on non-SDK interfaces, a dynamic resource loader, and platform stability milestone. If you’re about to test your current app, please note these changes: One-time permission, External storage access, Scudo hardened allocator, and File descriptor sanitizer. 

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