Android 10 review


It’s that time of the year again, when Google drops a brand-spanking new and improved version of Android onto the laps of (un)suspecting Pixel owners. The release came a month later than in 2018, which hopefully means the company has added some extra polish to what is now the finalized Android 10 release, but we’re not planning on making assumptions here – let’s dive in and see for ourselves just what’s what.

Android 10 represents a big departure from Google’s past versions of the OS, especially when it comes to naming. Gone is any mention whatsoever of a yummy (or just plain weird) dessert, something that was a staple of every Android iteration since 1.5 Cupcake. Then again, there aren’t a lot of desserts that start with the letter Q anyway, so maybe Google just decided, based on that, that this would be the perfect time to let that concept go.

There’s also a new Android brand and logo to go with this release, with the famous (to a probably not huge extent of the public at large) Bugdroid mascot having a slightly different color… and no body. It’s just a disembodied head now, which makes for an interesting look – don’t call it disturbing.

The OS is simply “Android 10” now, which makes us think the company wants to imply that it’s all grown up and doesn’t need anything playful in its name anymore. It’s all serious business, further solidified by it reaching the double-digit version space for the first time.

Aside from the naming and branding changes, the new release packs some highly anticipated features (can you say Dark Theme?), as well as some highly controversial ones (yes, we’re thinking of the new gesture navigation system), so why don’t you join us over the next few pages as we roll our sleeves and dig into what makes Android 10 tick. We’ll let you know if it’s as big on new features as it is on naming scheme changes, by showing you what’s new and already available, and what’s coming in the future.

This article is a refreshed repost of our earlier review of Android 10 beta. It has been updated to the best of our knowledge based on the recent final release of Android 10 for Google Pixel phones.

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