Android 10 on Android TV is almost ready, ADT-3 introduced

Android TV Android 10 ADT-3

In the past few months, we’ve been hearing OEMs venturing into the smart TV business as well. There’s OnePlus with the OnePlus TV Q and Q1 Pro that launched in India back in September. The OnePlus TV line was actually speculated over a year ago with development and production being finished last quarter. Huawei has also introduced the Honor Vision Smart TV the month prior. Just last week, the Nokia Smart TV was made official on Flipkart in India.

Most of those smart TVs run on Android TV (Honor Vision TV runs on HarmonyOS). It only shows the mobile OEMs know there really is a market for smart TVs that can even be better with smarter TVs. Android TV is the easiest and best choice for a platform especially if you already own an Android device.

The smart home is changing. The living room is smarter now, thanks to the slew of smart devices available. A smart TV remains the focal point of any room as it can display much information and interesting content.

Android TV isn’t streaming the Android phone’s content to the small screen. It’s an actual OS that runs and shows apps, media content, and even games. Sure, the Chromecast may already be helpful it’s only for content streaming. You can’t do much with it, unlike Android TV.

Android TV has advanced the past five years and it is set to become better especially now there is a developer community to add content and improve the app ecosystem. The latest for the developers is the Android API level 29 that includes security updates and improved performance.

Project Treble is applied here so updates are faster. Storage is also more secure now with encrypted user data. TLS 1.3 improves performance. Android 10 is also present now.

All these will be complemented by the ADT-3. It’s a new developer-focused streaming media device that the devs can use in building and testing their Android TV apps for Android 10. It’s a TV dongle to help developers come up with better Android TV devices. This way, they can test the Android TV apps if they are compatible with Android 10 and Android TV.

ADT-3 consists of an Android TV box and remote control. They can be purchased soon online. We’ll let you know soon once ready.

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