Android 10 brings more productivity, security to Google Enterprise

Now that Google has started rolling out Android 10 to Pixel devices, we’re getting a better picture of what to expect once the update rolls out to our devices eventually. And if you belong to a company that uses Google Enterprise, they have detailed the new things that you will be able to enjoy, focusing on work productivity and security both for your personal and work-related use. Through the new work profile and other management tools, you’ll be able to better use your device for all aspects of your life.

If a company provides employees with a device, they can now create a work profile mode so they will be able to keep separate their personal and work-related use. IT admins will still be able to manage both the company-owned and BYOD devices while employees will be able to still keep their privacy for apps or features that are not for work. There is also now a privacy section where you can see all the web, app, and ad control settings as well as granular controls particularly when it comes to location data.

There are other new tools that enterprise users can enjoy which “normal” users can also use but for different reasons of course. Smart replies is now available in all app notifications so business apps can now have default suggestions for replies and actions. Live Caption is a new system-level tool that can caption video conference calls and live business presentations so you can follow along even if you can’t hear properly.

Employees can also now choose their preferred input method when using the phone for personal which may be different from the one mandated by the company in the work profile. You can also now see your personal and work calendars side by side for better scheduling. And if you need to focus on work and avoid distractions, the Focus mode will help you with that, although it’s still on beta.

Android 10 also brings more than 50 security and privacy improvements that will benefit not just users but also the IT admins of the organizations they’re working for. While Android 10 is rolling out for Pixel devices, for now, we can expect it in the next few months and so enterprise users can already start figuring out how this will fit into their systems.

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