Analysts expect the next Exynos SoC to boost Samsung’s AP market share

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Industry watchers believe that Samsung will leverage its upcoming Exynos chips to narrow the gap between it and Qualcomm and increase its AP market share. Samsung’s next high-end Exynos chipset codenamed ‘Olympus’ will boast upgraded performance and competitive prices, reasons why we can expect more Galaxy devices to be powered by the Exynos solution next year, claims KTB Investment & Securities analysts cited by Yonhap News.

Samsung’s Exynos ‘Olympus’ SoC is expected to boast CPU cores supplied by ARM instead of custom cores developed in-house, and the chipset is also likely to feature a GPU supplied by AMD. In essence, this means that Samsung’s next high-end Exynos chip should have better performance and be more competitive against Qualcomm’s solution.

Qualcomm has raised AP prices, Samsung will lower them

Samsung is seemingly following a two-pronged strategy with its next high-end Exynos AP, attacking Qualcomm on two fronts. Not only is Samsung ensuring that the its next Exynos solution can meet the level of performance required to compete with Qualcomm’s next chipset, but the company also intends to increase the market share of Exynos through competitive prices.

Qualcomm’s solutions have outperformed Samsung’s in-house Exynos chipsets for a few years now, and this has incentivised the US chipmaker to increase its prices. Samsung reportedly wants turn Qualcomm’s advantage against itself by lowering the price of its next Exynos solution.

This could mean that future Exynos SoCs could be found under the hood of more Galaxy smartphones than before, and it could also allow Samsung to gain AP market share by supplying other OEMs with more Exynos chipsets.

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