AMD has strong second quarter results, slates Zen 4 and RDNA 3 for 2022

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In case you were wondering: Yes, AMD is currently making a lot of money. $3.85 billion in revenue, to be precise, which equals a 99% increase year-over-year, and a 12% increase over last quarter. Meanwhile, operating income was $831 million, which represents a 380% year-over-year increase and 26% climb over last quarter.

You can check out the full quarterly earnings report over on AMD’s site, where it outlines all the second quarter details and forecasts figures such as a 60% year-over-year increase in annual revenue.

But the company’s quarterly monetary triumphs aren’t the only news brought about by the second quarter fiscal disclosures. During the company’s earnings call, AMD CEO and President Lisa Su dished on some details regarding what’s in the pipeline for the company beyond the accrual of more consumer dollars.

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Specifically, she spoke about AMD’s 2022 plans. Despite supply shortages, market headaches, and all sorts of other complications that have plagued companies’ 2020 and 2021 product lineups, AMD is still set to hit the ground running in 2022. “We remain on track to launch next-generation products in 2022, including our Zen 4 processors built with industry-leading 5-nanometer process technology and our RDNA 3 GPUs,” Su said during the call (via Seeking Alpha).

In response to a question about growth fluctuations in the PC market, Su responded optimistically. “We have more platforms coming with our Ryzen 5000 in our next generation,” she said. “So, I think our sort of outlook is less dependent on what exactly happens in the market, but obviously, we watch the market very closely.”

In other words, new AMD content is on the horizon. Be it via the best graphics cards or best CPU for your custom PC, expect more AMD in your life.

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