Ambient Mode brings proactive Google Assistant to Android devices

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Ambient Mode Proactive Google Assistant Feature

It used to be just ambient display but now, the last Android phones are getting Ambient Mode via Google Assistant. The feature has been added to the tech giant’s very own artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant just a few months ago. The Google Assistant received Ambient Mode but in beta version. It was soon made available on select devices and last week was seen rolling out to some more Android devices. Today, we’re learning more about this feature as Google shared the good news Ambient Mode is delivering improvements to your mobile experience.

Ambient Mode is bringing a proactive Google Assistant experience to supported Android phones. Google Assistant’s Project Manager Arvind Chandrababu himself presented more details about the Ambient Mode in a video.

He explains the Google Assistant Ambient Mode “turns your phone into a digital photo frame, control music, other smart home devices”. Information is shown off on the screen especially when the device (Android 8.0 and above) is connected to charge. The proactive assistant aims to help the user “get things done” faster and with more efficiency.

The Ambient Mode lets you ask easily and get answers with more speed and accuracy. Chandrababu also said this feature moves from app-based to the more intent-based way of doing things. The Ambient Mode aims to let you do more tasks in one place, all while making them more accessible and understandable.

Ambient Mode is now deeply integrated into the Android OS after months of development. It is the first step to a more proactive experience with the Google Assistant but we can expect more features to be added in the coming months.

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