Amazon’s early Prime Day deals include $50 off Audible memberships

Amazon is offering a great deal on Audible for new customers during the lead up to Prime Day. The audiobook service gives members access to thousands of titles to listen to on demand, and with the Premium Plus tier, you also receive 1 credit per month which can be used to purchase any audiobook on the site. Normally a one-year membership costs $149.50, though right now Amazon has the 12-month subscription on sale for just $99.50, saving you $50 off the annual subscription’s regular price. Amazon is even giving you all 12 credits up front so you can fill out your library immediately if you wish.

Now that Prime Day 2020 has been announced, this isn’t the only deal we’re seeing go live already. You can also earn $10 to use during Prime Day when you spend $10 at Whole Foods or spend $10 at small businesses on Amazon, get two Echo Dot speakers for $40, and more.

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Nearly 35% Off

Audible Premium Plus 1-year membership

Subscribe to Audible and score a year’s worth of credits up-front so you can fill out your library immediately. Today’s deal saves you $50 on a year-long membership and is only active through Prime Day on October 13 and 14.

$99.50 $149.50 $50 off

The Audible Premium Plus tier normally costs $14.95 per month which would be like paying $180 per year if you just paid monthly. Today’s offer is like paying just $8.29 per month.

With your Audible membership, you’ll be able to listen to the audiobooks you add to your library anywhere you go using the Audible app. It’s available to download on devices like your smartphone and tablet, Fire TV devices and Echo smart speakers, the latest Kindle eReaders, and you can also listen on your computer. You’ll also score 30% off the price of audiobooks on the site if you run out of credits to use. If you decide to stop being a member, you get to keep all the books you’ve purchased and retain access to download or listen to them at any time.

As with all Prime Day deals, this Audible offer is exclusively available to Amazon Prime members. If you’re not a member already, now is the perfect time to join. With Prime Day 2020 only two weeks away, you can start a free 30-day trial today and be able to shop this year’s Prime Day sale as if you were a paying member. You’ll also gain access to free two-day shipping, the Prime Video streaming service, and all the rest of Prime’s perks.

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