Amazon sells the Galaxy A51 for the price of Galaxy A31 for a limited time

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It’s been a little over a month since the unlocked Galaxy A51 was released in the USA, and if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to buy the phone at a discount, today might be your best day. Amazon USA is selling the Galaxy A51 for the unbeatable price of $289, down from the original $399 price. The device is factory unlocked, it has a single SIM slot, it comes in black, and it has 128GB of storage.The clock is ticking fast on this deal so you might want to act quick. As of this writing, there are nearly 17 more hours left before the deal expires and Amazon brings the Galaxy A51’s price back to normal, so make sure to check the links below if you require more information.A Galaxy A51 for the price of a Galaxy A31The Galaxy A31 was released earlier this week and, in some markets like India, the phone costs roughly $290. This should put Amazon’s deal into perspective since the unlocked Galaxy A51 in the USA costs roughly as much as a Galaxy A31 in other markets. At least for the day.The Galaxy A51 was one of Samsung’s best-selling smartphones in Q1 2020. The company managed to ship roughly 6.8 million Galaxy A51s worldwide in the first quarter. The phone outperformed the Galaxy S20 in terms of sales and it was only outmatched by Apple. These figures are a testament to Samsung striking a good balance between price and specs, and the ongoing deal makes the Galaxy A51 that much more attractive.Galaxy A51 reviewBuy the Galaxy A51 from Amazon USA

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