Amazon rolling out hands-free Alexa support for Android app

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While you’re probably using Google Assistant or Siri or Bixby as your digital assistant on your smartphone, there’s also the option to use Amazon’s Alexa. You can install the mobile app and then use it to help you know the weather and the latest news updates, schedule appointments, and even buy on Amazon. But one problem mobile users have is that you needed to tap on the button on the app before it would listen. Now Amazon is rolling out hands-free support for the mobile app.

Tech Crunch shares that in order to truly use Alexa hands-free, you’ll have to launch the app first using your phone’s smart assistant. Then you can already start giving it commands without having to touch any button. “Alexa, remind me to do my skin-care routine tonight.” “Alexa, what’s the weather tomorrow?” “Alexa, turn off the lights in the living room” and other commands that it supports.

Once you mention the wake word (which is Alexa), you’ll see an animated blue line at the bottom of the app to indicate that it is indeed processing your command or question. Previously, the hands-free support is only available for certain apps like the Amazon shopping app or Amazon Music. But now you can use it supposedly anywhere on your phone, as long as the Alexa app is launched first.

After you’ve updated the app to the latest version, you will see the option to enable hands-free detection. But it will only work of course if your phone is unlocked and the Alexa app is open on the screen. You can always just turn off the feature any time you want to. It’s a bit unlike speakers and displays where Alexa is the default digital assistant since all you need to do there is wake it with the trigger word.

But if you’re using Alexa on your Android smartphone, update it to the latest version so you can enjoy hands-free support. It will be rolling out worldwide over the next few days.

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