Amazon Music now offers free, ad-supported music streaming

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If you’ve been looking for a free music streaming service that is not Spotify, you now have the option to enjoy Amazon Music in a free, ad-supported format. Previously, this free option was only available for those who have Echo devices but now they’re opening it up to users who have the Amazon Music app on their Android smartphones as well as their Fire TV devices and the web version as well. You will have access to top playlists and thousands of stations for free.

There are of course limitations to what you can enjoy on the free tier of Amazon Music as opposed to having an actual subscription. For one thing, you will have to “suffer through” all those ads in between some songs, just like you would on the free tier of Spotify. You will only have access to stations based on a song, artist, era, or genre and not the full albums from your favorite artists just yet. You will be able to listen to top global playlists and even best Holiday tunes but not entire discographies of musicians or bands you like.

If you prefer listening to music without ads, you can always access Amazon Music through your Prime Membership. This tier lets you listen to more than 2 million songs as well as thousands of playlists and stations. You won’t have to add anything to your Prime membership of $12.99 per month to be able to enjoy Amazon Music. But if you want more songs and the latest releases from your favorite artists, go with Amazon Music Unlimited, their premium ad-free music subscription servce.

But if you don’t want to pay any monthly fees for now, the free version of Amazon Music will have to suffice. It is now available in the US, UK, and Germany but will probably expand to other territories. When you play the playlist or station, you’ll also get the lyrics on the screen so if you want to have a karaoke session, you can do so. But of course, expect ads to interrupt your listening experience every once in a while.

You can download the Amazon Music app on your mobile device if you’re in any of the supported countries. You can also listen on your browser through No subscription or credit card information is required.

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