Amazon Fire TV Blaster brings Alexa to your entertainment devices

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Amazon Fire TV Blaster Specs

A few months ago, Amazon announced new Fire TV products. Included were the first Fire TV Edition soundbar, a new Fire TV Cube, and more Fire TV models like the Fire TV Cube. Amazon isn’t content with all those products yet. It’s on fire as it just introduced another one–the Amazon Fire TV Blaster. The name alone makes it one kick-ass item that works as hands-free voice control for other home products that are not yet smart like a TV, cable, soundbar, satellite box, or a receiver.

The Amazon Fire TV Blaster still requires Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, a 3d-gen Fire TV, Fire TV Stick 4K, or an Echo Smart display or speaker. It still needs a compatible Amazon device to be really “smart”.

With voice control, you can have control over the power, playback, volume, or switch between inputs. You don’t need to have multiple remotes with you because the Fire TV Blaster may be enough to control most entertainment devices. You are provided access to free Fire TV and Alexa apps on a Fire tablet, iOS 10 devices, or at least Android 5.0 units.

The Amazon Fire TV Blaster is only 2-inch tall. It is very small but offers big possibilities. Use with any compatible device for voice control courtesy of Alexa. With this tiny Fire TV Blaster, your Fire TV home entertainment can be further upgraded.

Voice support can be either near-field or far-field with compatible Echo and Fire TV products. It can control numerous IR-enabled devices from TVs to soundbars, A/V receivers, and cable boxes among others. It allows a seamless wireless connection between Fire and Echo devices.

The Fire TV Blaster is now listed on Amazon. The price tag reads $34. Free shipping is offered but the market release will start on December 11, Wednesday.

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