Amazon Echo Show 15 officially unveiled

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Amazon Echo Show 15

A couple of days ago, we mentioned Amazon would be introducing a new Echo and other smart home devices. The launch has happened and we have here the Amazon Echo Show 15. This new smart home product has been designed to probably replace your kitchen TV. Of course, it’s not limited to the kitchen as you can use it anywhere around the house. Officially announced at the Devices and Services event, the Echo Show 15 aims to make an impressions with its size, design, and features.

Starting with the 15.6-inch screen, the Amazon Echo Show 15 makes a great smart display. It is probably larger than your current laptop screen now. With the size, it shows more information, Alexa widgets, and other important data you want to be always updated with.

The Amazon Echo Show 15 can show the Shared Calendar widget for the whole family to see. Take advantage of other related apps like Photo Frame, Sticky Notes, Smart Home Favorites, and Picture-in-Picture. You can even view a live feed of all your smart home cameras.

The display of the Echo Show 15 allows 1080p video streaming. It can be ideal for watching your favorite videos, shows, or movies. Amazon is offering access not only to Prime Video but also Netflix and Sling TV.

The $249.99 Amazon Echo Show 15 makes an impression quad-core AZ2 Neural Edge processor. Other features include support for Visual ID, Custom Sounds, and Preference Teaching, and Custom Sounds. Visual ID can recognize any family member while Custom Sounds can recognize specific sounds. Preference Teaching allows Alexa to learn their personal preferences.

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