Amazon Build It program starts with a printer, clock, and scale

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Amazon Build It

Amazon is still the top e-commerce site in the United States. It’s available in different regions but the reach is not as wide. It continues to improve on its products and services from online shopping to popular Amazon products and services. Our most recent update was about the Amazon Alexa letting you share music with other Echo users. Amazon added Wondery to its podcast network. There was also the Amazon Luna finally getting support for select Android devices. We also won’t forget new products like the Halo fitness band, Fire TV Cube, and the controversial Sidewalk feature.

Amazon’s latest offering to the consumers is this: Build It. It’s a new program that allows customers to help Amazon decide on what to build next. The idea is as early as possible, Amazon will try to get feedback from the people before a program or service is widely released.

With Day 1 Editions program, the Echo Frames was launched. Build It is part of Day 1 Editions. The idea is that Amazon will present the concept to a group of people that may want to pre-order. Amazon will see which products will reach their pre-order goals within 30 days.

Amazon Build It Advantage

Amazon will “build it” and deliver the product to early support. Only concepts that hit the pre-order goal will be produced. You can pre-order and wait if more people will buy. If goal is not met, then the concept won’t see the light of day. You need to send pre-payment details but you will only be charged once an item ships.

At the moment, pre-orders are ready and will be listed until March 19. You can choose from these products: a Smart Sticky Note Printer, Smart Nutrition Scale, and the Smart Cuckoo Clock. The latter is priced at $79.99. It’s literally a “smart cuckoo clock” that works with Alexa, has a bunch of LEDs, built-in speakers, and a pop-out cuckoo bird.

Smart Sticky Note Printer is another crowd sourced project. It makes use of voice-to-print technology for hands-free printing. It uses thermal technology so there is no need for toner or ink. Available for $89.99.

The Amazon Build It program also brings the Smart Nutrition Scale. This $34.99 device is a special scale for your food. It can provide nutritional information like the number of calories based on weight. Feel free to ask, “Alexa, ask Smart Scale to weigh 200 calories of blueberries”.

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