Amazing battery life was the goal for Samsung’s latest 2022 devices

Forgive me if this sounds something like you’ve already heard from us recently regarding the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. But as the days pass on by, we’re beginning to realize we have received something amazing in return for the absence of a physical rotating bezel ring on the watch: a smartwatch, Galaxy or otherwise, that runs Google’s Wear OS and is still an absolute battery monster.

Anyone who follows smartphones, smartwatches, and tech in general has probably heard about how notoriously poor the battery life on Android smartwatches has been, with too many watches often requiring a daily charge with even moderately heavy use. Samsung’s Tizen platform, meanwhile, offered multi-day battery life on Galaxy smartwatches, which is another fact that’s pretty well known to many.

So when Samsung decided to dump its in-house Tizen platform for its watches, we were kind of disappointed. Happy, too, because there are plenty of benefits of having Android/Wear OS powering your smartwatch, access to official Google apps being one of them. But it was clear battery life would take a hit.

And it certainly did: the Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic cannot be depended on to get you through a second day off the charger. Thankfully, Samsung didn’t just sit there and tell us to “deal with it” or, as Apple might have said, that “we’re using it wrong.”

No sir, it went right to work on fixing the problem its OS switch had caused, and the results are in within a year. We’re done testing the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (our review will go live very soon), and we have to say battery life is insane on this thing thanks to that huge battery sitting inside it, something that might not have been possible with a physical rotating bezel taking up space on the watch’s design (after all, we don’t want the watch to be any thicker than it apparently already is, right?).

We’ll go into all the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has to offer in detail in our upcoming review, but the general premise is that if it’s great battery life you’re looking for, the Watch 5 Pro is for you. Just like the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and hopefully, also the Galaxy Z Flip 4, which we’re currently testing to see just how much better it is than previous models in the series. Amazing battery life basically seems to have been an important goal for Samsung for the products it launched earlier this month, and at least the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Galaxy Z Fold 4 prove that right.

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