Alphabet, Google offices to reopen soon in a limited capacity

Google Alphabet Sundar Pichai

The pandemic we’re facing right now has definitely changed the world. Many businesses all over the globe are being affected. Manufacturing and product launches are being delayed. The negative effect in the tech world was first felt when LG announced that it’s not joining the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. A number of other companies followed that caused the MWC organization to finally cancel the event over the coronavirus threat. We also remember reporting the Galaxy Z Flip factory closing down due to an outbreak.

In the span of two months, numerous companies, brands, and individuals have also stepped up to help in the fight against the virus. Google shared internal and external efforts in Coronavirus fight. It also teamed up with Apple to help with coronavirus contact-tracing.

Google has also been busy updating its many products and services as a response to the changes happening all over the world. Youtube has received updates as streaming and watch time increase. It launched the ‘Read Along by Google’ app while 3D and AR in Search have been updated as well.

Within the company, several and important changes have been made as well. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has allowed employees to work from home. That may change soon as offices in different parts of the globe will reopen as early as June. Only 10 to 15% capacity will only be required to go to the office and as scheduled.

The idea is those who can work in the comforts of their home can still continue through 2020. The details are not clear because we don’t know when the quarantine or lockdown will be over in most countries and regions. Of course, returning workers will be welcomed but still within reason.

The employees will be allowed with the right precautions. The workers can rotate or come periodically as long as they are needed to be physically present. There are jobs in Google that require special equipment so they are the priority. Otherwise, employees can stay home,

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