Almost one-quarter of a billion Samsung TVs are on the Internet

So many devices can connect to the Internet today that it would be difficult to count them all. Smart TVs are among the obvious, seeing how they provide access to streaming services and more. But it wasn’t always like this, and there was a time when TVs and the Internet didn’t cross paths.

Today, nearly one-quarter of a billion Samsung smart TVs are hooked up to the Internet. Samsung was one of the first TV manufacturers to bring Internet to its TVs a decade ago, in 2014, and needless to say, things haven’t stopped evolving.

Samsung recently shared a bit of interesting internal data concerning its TVs. According to this information, 224 million Samsung smart TVs are connected to the Internet globally as we speak.

The company also says that over 63% of all Samsung smart TVs have accessed the Internet at least once.

Samsung smart TVs are more capable than ever

There are many reasons to go online using a Samsung smart TV. The most obvious is accessing content streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, YouTube, and others. Users in select markets will also connect to the Internet to gain access to Samsung’s free ad-based streaming service, TV Plus, where it is available.

However, there’s more to Samsung’s modern smart TVs that meets the eye. Today, you can connect a keyboard and a mouse to a Samsung TV and use it to browse the web through the embedded Samsung Internet browser. Users can also access Microsoft’s web-based Office suite and do light office work without needing a PC or a laptop.

And, of course, cloud gaming has gained a lot of traction since Samsung implemented Gaming Hub into its smart TVs. All you need to play cloud games on your TV is a controller and a subscription to one of the services supported by the Gaming Hub platform (in select markets).

Samsung recently launched its 2024 TV lineup, which consists of new Neo QLED, OLED, and Lifestyle TVs. They’ve adopted new AI capabilities.

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