All of Google Pixel 6’s best bits seem to be coming from Samsung

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There’s a lot of excitement for the Google Pixel 6 lineup. This will be the first time that the search engine giant utilizes its new Tensor chipset. Previous reports have shown that Google is sourcing some main components for this device from Samsung.

In addition to helping Google out on the chipset, Samsung is also providing the 5G modem for the Pixel 6. Now there’s speculation that the display panel is also going to be supplied by none other than our favorite Korean company.

Google’s next phone has a 120Hz refresh rate thanks to Samsung

The new Tensor SoC that Google will use for the Pixel 6 was previously rumored as an unreleased Samsung Exynos processor. Samsung is going to manufacture this chipset on its 5nm process. A Samsung 5G modem is also going to be used for this device.

That was a big vote of confidence from Google. Its Pixel flagships have previously used 5G modems from Qualcomm. Google decided to go with Samsung’s modem this time around. It likely has to do with how closely the two companies have collaborated over the past year in different sectors.

There are whispers now that the Google Pixel 6 is going to feature an LTPO display panel. You’d expect that from any flagship in 2021. It’s particularly claimed that this will be Samsung’s latest and greatest E5 LTPO OLED panel. The iQOO 8 series that was released in China a few months ago already uses this panel.

This also means that Google’s upcoming handset is going to feature a variable refresh rate that maxes out at 120Hz, made possible by Samsung’s latest display panel. As component supply is a major part of its business, the more units Google ends up selling, the more money Samsung will make on these bits.

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