All free Wuthering Waves redemption codes and how to redeem in-game goodies

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You’re going to find that free items and goodies will help you out as you travel around fighting monstrosities and trying to survive in the post-apocalyptic time after the Lament. Wuthering Waves has mysteries and surprises in store for those who go wandering in this open-world RPG. Just makes sure to redeem the free codes in-game to get some nice perks. 

To help you out, I’ve gathered all of the Wuthering Waves codes and have also explained how to redeem Wuthering Waves codes. 

Wuthering Waves: How to redeem codes

Go to the Other Settings tab and click Redeem.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The exact steps for redeeming codes haven’t been revealed yet. But we will update this information once the game goes live. It seems that before you can redeem Wuthering Wave codes, you need to reach Union Level 2. This is done easily enough at the start of the game just by doing the main story. 

Go to your in-game mail and click Claim.  (Image credit: Windows Central)
  • Go to the Wuthering Waves menu (Esc on PC).
  • Click on the Settings gear icon in the bottom right corner.  
  • Click on the Other Settings tab that has a wrench icon. 
  • Click Redeem in the Account line where it says Redemption Code. 
  • Enter your code.
  • Press Esc to go back to the Pecious menu Terminal. 
  • Click on the mail icon at the bottom of the screen. Now you need to claim your rewards. Go to your in-game mail inbox and look at the new redemption code rewards messages you’ve received. 
  • Click Claim to get the gifts that the code unlocked. 

Wuthering Waves redeemable codes

Jiyan is a blue-haired warrior who uses his Broadblade in battle. (Image credit: Guangzhou Kuro Technology Co., Ltd., Kuro Game Studio)
Swipe to scroll horizontally
Code Reward Expiration date
WUTHERINGGIFT 50 Astrite, 2x Premium resonance potion, 2x Medium revival inhaler, 2x Medium energy bag, 10,000 Shell credits Currently unknown

Wuthering Waves expired codes

This is where we will list codes and rewards that have expired and are no longer available. 

Top Recommendations

It seems that Kuro Game Studio’s Wuthering Waves really takes after miHoYo’s Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail. Those other two games offer frequent free codes that you can enter to receive in-game goodies. As time goes on, it’s very likely that Kuro Game Studio will provide additional codes, some of which might only be available for a limited amount of time. 

Check back here to see what codes are currently available and to see what in-game extras they provide for you. Depending on what’s offered, it might be just what you need to progress your adventure. Of course, exploring, solving puzzles, defeating enemies, and advancing the story will also help you level up. 

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