Alienware’s Concept UFO is what happens when you merge a PC and a Switch

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Ahead of its full CES 2020 press conference, Dell is shaking things up by introducing the world to a few concept devices it has kicking around in its labs. Along with concepts for a dual-screen PC and one with a folding display, the company showed off the Alienware Concept UFO. And if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you took a Nintendo Switch and made it a portable gaming PC, this is your answer.

The Alienware Concept UFO is meant to be a portable PC that lets you play triple-A titles on the go. Dell says it’s equipped with an eight-inch screen at 1900×1200 resolution. Further, the controllers can be detached and there’s a kickstand on the device, you you can play it either in handheld mode or sitting on a table. You can also hook it up to an external display and use a mouse and keyboard if you like.

With anything you’re going to hold in your hands while you play, it must feel “right” as soon as you pick it up. Our teams have invested hundreds – if not thousands – of hours on the controller design features and ergonomics. And we’ve spent the last few months testing and enhancing the buttons, the weight, all to strike a perfect balance between performance, ultra-mobility and battery life.

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