Alexa Routines can now be shared through URL link

Alexa Routines may be a bit hard and tedious to set up but once you are able to make it run smoothly, it is a huge time saver. With just one command, a string of things can happen one after the other or sometimes all at once. Now Amazon is letting you share Routines you have created if you think your family and friends would benefit from it. The shareable URL can be sent through various channels. Amazon also suggests some new Routines that you can set up.

Alexa users will now be able to turn their created Routines into something that can be used by other people. This way you don’t have to lead them through a step by step routine but they can just follow the instructions once they decide to enable it on their device too, Go to the Alexa app and then choose the one that you want to share. Just click on share (of course) so you can choose how to send it: text, email, or social media.

Amazon shared eight routines from their partners that you could try out and share. To be able to try it out, click on the “Enable this routine” phrase if you’re on your mobile device and if you’re on your desktop, scan the QR code with your smartphone where the Alexa app is installed. Family Routine is for, well, the whole family as guided by celebrity dance couple Twitch and Alison Holker. Fitness Routine was created by personal trainer Gunnar Peterson to help you get fit the whole day.

Headspace Routine will help you get some guided meditation time by dimming your lights, setting your devices to Do Not Disturb, and then opening your Headspace skill. The NPR Routine gives you the latest news after it tells you the time, date, weather, and after then, the important things you need to know. There are also routines from History Channel, iHeartRadio, as well as a Focus Time and Screen Time routine.

The shareable Alexa Routines will be available in the U.S only for now. Hopefully, someday, Amazon will be able to have a repository of all the best and most shared Routines so people can just browse there and enable what it is they want to do.

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