Alexa now brings commuter, traffic conditions to your phone

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For the month of February, Amazon brought some new features to Alexa that would help commuters and those who need better weather information. You can now ask your digital assistant to send information directly to your phone with just a few commands. You will also now be able to get alerts about severe weather conditions, updates on the 2020 US presidential election, and even NBA highlights. All these new features can be accessed once you update to the latest version.

Commuting and traffic conditions, and sometimes even directions, are pretty important for those who need to travel to and from work or other places. Alexa has been able to give you this information previously, like when you ask “Alexa, how is the traffic to the airport?”. Oftentimes you would ask your smart speaker that before leaving the house but you will need that information on your phone. So now you can say after that, “Alexa, send that to my phone” and you should be on your way with the information you need.

Weather conditions are also important to know, especially the severe kind. You can now say, “Alexa, tell me when there’s a severe weather alert” and you should be able to receive notifications for local severe weather warnings. And since 2020 will be all about the U.S. presidential elections, you can always ask “Alexa, what’s my election update?” and you’ll get info like the latest polls, debate recaps, latest news, etc.

If you’re the basketball-loving kind of Alexa user, you can also now get video highlights of NBA games on any of your Alexa-enabled devices that have a screen. Just say, “Alexa, play the NBA highlights” or ask for the highlights of a specific team or game.

All these new features should be available on your Alexa-supported devices. Just update to the latest version to check them out. Some of them might be restricted to some regions though.


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