Alexa multilingual mode lets users switch between two languages

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Amazon Alexa Update

Alexa is poised to become smarter than ever as the new feature allows users to switch between different languages more swiftly and seamlessly. The improvement is ideal for those families living in one household but speak multiple languages. With multi-general families being required to stay home more than before, Alexa already understands English and Spanish but it’s only now that switching between the two can be understood and can happen naturally.

Just the other day, we shared with you that Echo devices are getting Alexa Live Translation in six language pairs. Alexa’s Care Hub has also made remote caregiving easier for loved ones. Last month, Amazon’s Alexa was updated with natural turn-taking feature. From this, household members can talk to Alexa in different languages without the need to change the settings.

Simply put, this multilingual mode is for bilingual customers. At the moment, Alexa can offer the feature in English to Spanish and vice versa. This means Alexa can understand when you speak in English and then suddenly talks in Spanish. It will still hear and understand you.

How does this work exactly? If you talk first in Spanish, Alexa will understand you. It can respond or do what you asks it to do. If you suddenly speak in English, it will still understand what you said. The multilingual function is helpful because many people speak two languages or more.

Multilingual mode is also available in other languages and countries. Those in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan can take advantage of this feature. You can also now use their respective languages and Alexa will understand.

The Alexa team has been working on the system. More features and enhancements are expected to be introduced in the future. With the improvements, Alexa will definitely be smarter, more informative, more helpful, and more multilingual.

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